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Husband and Wife, Mark and Jolly Oldfield are a determined and passionate team with a great love for the South West.

Meeting in their local village pub in 2013, they both dreamed of living and working in Devon.  After marrying in 2017 (planning their beautiful country wedding in just 10 weeks!) they set out to plan how they could relocate from the home counties to the South West.  One year later the big move became reality!

Jolly Oldfield

Jolly first fell in love with living by the sea when she studied Human Resources at Portsmouth University.  She then pursued her corporate career in HR working for some large companies in and around London.  Her passion for providing great customer service and organising events led her to creating Coastal Concierge to ensure everyone can get the best out of their time in the South West without having to worry about the daily chores and boring admin of having a second home.

Mark Oldfield

Similar to Jolly, Mark has also had a corporate life as an established Communications and Marketing Director, having held various senior roles in the public and private sector.  He has bags of experience in managing trades to deliver projects, project management and facilities services. 
Coastal Concierge was the perfect business idea to bring together the skills Jolly and Mark have gained in their career, allowing them to bring the best possible service to their customer base.
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